Xing Long Chinese Restaurant

553 East 169 Street
Bronx, NY 10456
(718) 293-8888

Current Inspection Grade: A
Current Grade: A
Last Graded: 09/28/2023

At A Glance

Xing Long Chinese Restaurant has an average score of 28 from 2 scored inspections (see inspection history). The average is higher than 27, which equates to having a C average. This shows that Xing Long Chinese Restaurant may not be meeting the City and State guidelines for food safety and handling, personal hygiene, facility and equipment managment and vermin control.

An establishment typically has two chances to earn a Grade A in every inspection cycle. It needs to score below 14 points either on its initial visit, or during the re-inspection if it didn't score below 14 points on the first visit.

Inspection History

09/28/2023 | Pre-permit (Operational) / Re-inspection | Score: 3 | A
  1. Non-food contact surface or equipment made of unacceptable material, not kept clean, or not properly sealed, raised, spaced or movable to allow accessibility for cleaning on all sides, above and underneath the unit.
09/11/2023 | Pre-permit (Operational) / Initial Inspection | Score: 53 | Not Graded
  1. (Critical) Wiping cloths not stored clean and dry, or in a sanitizing solution, between uses.
  2. (Critical) Cold TCS food item held above 41 °F; smoked or processed fish held above 38 °F; intact raw eggs held above 45 °F; or reduced oxygen packaged (ROP) TCS foods held above required temperatures except during active necessary preparation.
  3. (Critical) Evidence of mice or live mice in establishment's food or non-food areas.
  4. (Critical) No hand washing facility in or adjacent to toilet room or within 25 feet of a food preparation, food service or ware washing area. Hand washing facility not accessible, obstructed or used for non-hand washing purposes. No hot and cold running water or water at inadequate pressure. No soap or acceptable hand-drying device.
  5. (Critical) Food, supplies, or equipment not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, display, service or from customer’s refillable, reusable container. Condiments not in single-service containers or dispensed directly by the vendor.
  6. (Critical) Filth flies or food/refuse/sewage associated with (FRSA) flies or other nuisance pests in establishment’s food and/or non-food areas. FRSA flies include house flies, blow flies, bottle flies, flesh flies, drain flies, Phorid flies and fruit flies.
  7. (Critical) Hot TCS food item not held at or above 140 °F.
  8. Dishwashing and ware washing: Cleaning and sanitizing of tableware, including dishes, utensils, and equipment deficient.
  9. Establishment is not free of harborage or conditions conducive to rodents, insects or other pests.
  10. Anti-siphonage or back-flow prevention device not provided where required; equipment or floor not properly drained; sewage disposal system in disrepair or not functioning properly. Condensation or liquid waste improperly disposed of.

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