Ikinari Steak (Times Square) Receives Grade A From 5/17/18 Inspection

Ikinari Lunch Special

Ikinari Steak is a Japan-based steak restaurant where you eat your steak standing up.  It is marketed as serving high quality steak quickly and economically.  According to the company website, the chain of restaurants first opened in December 2013 and expanded to over 250 locations in Japan in less than 5 years.  Ikinari expanded to the U.S. by opening Ikinari Steak (East Village) in February 2017.  In over a year, it added 6 more locations to a total of 7, all of which are in Manhattan.  Despite the rapid expansion, the Ikinari brand has not overlooked the importance of keeping its locations clean and up to code with the Health Department, as you can see from their recent inspection results.  Ikinari Steak (Times Square) scored 12 points on its latest inspection, and received an A.  The lunch special looks pretty darn good too.





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