Health Department Closed 29 Restaurants For Week Ending June 16, 2018

Joy Indian Restaurant Ordered Closed on June 14, 2018

Twenty nine restaurants were shuttered last week as a result of routine inspections by the Health Department.  Typically, if critical violations deemed “public health hazards” were found during the inspection and cannot be corrected immediately, the Health Department may order to temporarily close the restaurant until the violations are corrected.  The common theme among the 29 closures was evidence of mice or roaches in the facility’s food or non-food areas.

For the restaurants to re-open, the operators must correct all the public health hazards cited in the inspection and submit a written statement to the Health Department indicating that they have done so.  If the sanitary condition appears to have improved, an inspector will conduct an reopening inspection while the restaurant remains closed.  If the re-opening inspection results are satisfactory, the Health Department supervisors will allow the restaurant to reopen.

Here are the closures from last week:

Kahve (Coffee/tea)
Matto Express (Coffee/tea)
Vspot Organic (Latin American)

Avenue X Pizza & Grill (Pizza)
Court Street Grocers Lunch (American)
El Girasol Bakery (Bakery Products/desserts)
Fuel Juice Bar (Juice, Smoothies, Fruit Salads)
Joy Indian Restaurant (Indian)
Kennedy Fried Chicken (Chicken)
Margarita Island (Bottled Beverages)
Poke City (Japanese)
Sumela To Go (Turkish)

Crown Fried Chicken (Chicken)
Kew Gardens Chicken (Chicken)
Leticias Restaurant (Latin American)

3-j Restaurant And Pizza (Latin American)
Enzo’s Restaurant (Italian)
Lulu Juicy Fruit (Sandwiches/salads/mixed Buffet)
Pick Up Six Fresh Fast Asian Kitchen (Asian/asian Fusion)
Royal Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant (Caribbean)






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